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Website consultancy and performance services make up one key part of the offering here at Digital Krate, also is our own platform specificaly tailored for the trades industry and we have further projects in the pipeline. Furthermore our main service is websites for the trades and small business sectors, this includes both static brochure sites through to dynamic CMS driven web sites and finally eCommerce digital solutions.
Website Consultancy

Website Design & Development Services

Your website presence needs to win rankings, traffic, users interest and most importantly convert visitors into leads & customers.

Digital Krate provides end to end design, development and deployment services to cater for every aspect of your new website project, alternatively, we can upgrade your existing site, run a full site-wide review and work with you or for you to tweak your online presence to achieve the goals your website needs to deliver.

Website Consultancy

Our Website consultancy services are bespoke to your specific business or personal requirements, from consultative advice about your existing website and current position online, through to complete technical analysis, auditing and content evaluation to provide you with a detailed report of actionable points coupled with our professional review of your current websites position online.

Digital Krate can certainly assist or project manage the delivery of the changes required to deliver your business growth objectives through your online presence. 

Website Consultancy
Website Consultancy

UX & UI Services

User experience is paramount, while the success of your websites traffic and converting this traffic with an intuitive and compliant user interface can be the deciding factor between a user becoming a customer or not. Every UI that defines your users experience above all must meet all of today’s web standards. Our UX & UI testing services report all identified technical issues and blockers stopping your users from converting right through to the terminology and call to actions your website uses, allowing us to pinpoint current pitfalls and highlight missed opportunities. From testing to resolving, Digital Krate is your helping hand.

Website Performance

Website performance can make or break your sites ranking online, first of all comply with today’s web standards, meet Google’s algorithm demands and furthermore drive for the best performing website in terms of both speed and accessibility across many devices available in today’s tech savvy world. Above all this will almost certainly improve your sites performance while driving your websites organic position to the top key search engines naturally for the reason that this will yield reward over the longer term and save your business spending out heavy on paid positions.

Keep your sites content natural, human focused and provide valuable, relevant content, it can be that simple.

Website Consultancy
Website Monthly Retainer Options

Monthly Retainer Options

First of all our monthly website retainer options provide you peace of mind and dedicated support month to month. While your monthly time allocation can be utilised for one or many of our service offerings in a given month to help improve any area in need of attention. Let Digital Krate support your online growth through monthly action plans, furthermore, if you proffer to define the growth focus directly, we will get to work on delivering this requirement. We work however you work best, annual website schedule or month to month requests, you define, we deliver.

Free Consultation

Looking to discuss your current website? furthermore, require a solutions service that as a result of years of experience can assist you in growing your online presence and improve your sites technical shortfalls, even more, month on month. Likewise, take advantage of our free consultation service today! Simply call to arrange a date & time for your FREE no-obligation consultation today with our team.
Website Consultancy

Free Consultation

Your free no obligation consultation is a phone call away.