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Website Retainer Care Packages

Our website retainer care packages are your exceptionally cost effective option to have all of our services available to you every month.

Digital Krate offer monthly support packages to help with your website, from performance analysis, content consideration and creation through to full annual strategies for organic growth. 

Regular content and website reviews, adjustments and creation help your organic presence online and our rolling monthly website care package options help even the smallest websites grow through organic growth and increase their search visibility for your customers searching online.

We drive for 100% quality, to may focus on quantity, if it has no value it has no place on your site. 

From looking at content density and keyword use, to removing zombie pages and obsolete content, links, and failing focuses consuming your time. Our goal is to streamline your focus and content on the things that will matter, drive increase in online traffic and conversions.



Server Configuration Review

Checking for all important server level configurations and identify any adjustments that can be made to ensure your website is running at its most optimal, providing the high speeds of today's digital world across a diverse range of devices & platforms.

Monitoring & Bloat Considerations

User traffic monitoring is vital but some website owners go overboard or simply forget this point, we ensure optimal monitoring of your sites traffic and remove the bloat and unnecessary site analysis that may be impacting your websites overall performance.

Security, SSL & Requests

Important checks for vulnerabilities, failing requests, missing or expired SSL certificates that provide your users with valuable encryption , security and piece of mind while using your website.

Performance Audit

Starting with an initial individual page speed analysis through to analysing your page content, the syntax structure, META data, asset scaling, minification and of course, identify broken links and zombie pages. But that's not all we do.

User Experience Testing

We navigate through as a real-life user to experience and test your current user journey. We compare our findings to our expectations of best practice guidelines to drive maximum interaction and conversion.

Media & Asset Analysis

Images, video, alternative text, dimensions, asset compression, CDN delivery and Next-Gen formats. These are just some of the factors we look at while undertaking our full analysis on your websites media content.


Website Consultancy

Knowledge & Advice

Vast amounts of knowledge form the many years of experience across every area of web and digital. As a client you get to call on that vast knowledge bank anytime.

Website Consultancy

Compliance Focused

Using modern methods and delivering high standards including W3C compliance, accessibility and website performance as standard.

Website Consultancy


With over 8 years in website development, performance, SEO & digital marketing, you can be confident your in safe hands.

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