Search Engines - A Growing list

List of Search Engines

Search engines are a key part now of everyday life, we take them for granted and most of us know of Google and Bing, but what other search engines are there, did you know there are differing options for media types also? for example, YouTube, the second largest, is a video search engine primarily and Duck Duck Go provides search without claiming to log or track your search history?

We decided to begin collating our list for your perusal.

Search engines come in many forms, these include: 

  • Crawler based search engines
  • Human-powered directories
  • Hybrid search engines
  • Other special search engines
 Search EngineWebsiteType
GoogleGooglehttps://google.co.uk/Crawler Based
BingBinghttps://bing.com/Crawler Based
YahooYahoohttps://uk.yahoo.com/Crawler Based
BaiduBaiduhttps://www.baidu.com/Crawler Based
AOLAOLhttps://www.aol.co.uk/Crawler Based
ASKASKhttps://www.ask.com/Crawler Based
ExciteExcitehttps://www.excite.com/Crawler Based
Duck Duck GoDuck Duck Gohttps://www.duckduckgo.com/Crawler Based
Wolf Rama AlphaWolf Rama Alphahttps://www.wolframalpha.com/Crawler Based
YandexYandexhttps://yandex.com/Crawler Based
LycosLycoshttps://www.lycos.com/Crawler Based

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